VOA Special English Vocabulary Test (20 Questions)

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  n. a grain used to make bread; the plant that produces the grain
  n. a part of something larger
  n. the general condition of the body and mind; the condition of being free from sickness or disease
  v. to express regret for a mistake or accident for which one accepts responsibility
  ad. having done something wrong or in violation of a law; responsible for a bad action
  n. material or facts that prove something; a reason for believing
  n. a large number of people gathered in one place
  ad. not common; not usual
  v. to reject; to not accept, give or do something
  n. a small piece of rock
  ad. complete or correct in every way; completely right or good
  n. earth in which plants grow
  n. a strong emotion against someone or something
  v. to come with something
  v. to cover with a liquid color; to make a picture with liquid colors
  v. to make two sides or forces equal
  n. unborn young
  v. to say that one has a good feeling toward another because that person did something kind
  v. to come to be
  v. to release
  n. pumps blood through the body
  n. all that which makes one person different from others
  n. a person who designs engines, machines, roads, bridges or railroads
  n. the coldest time of year, between autumn and spring
  n. a part of the female reproductive system where a fetus develops
  n. a splitting; in atomic fission, the nucleus of an atom is split to produce nuclear energy
  ad. not able to learn much; not intelligent
  n. the official center of a government; the city where a country's government is
  n. a land area with water all around it
  v. to free from danger or evil
  v. to go up; to go higher
  v. to walk in a group like soldiers; to walk together in a large group to protest about something
  n. a female with the same father or mother as another person
  v. to speak or add numbers
  n. that which causes concern, fear, difficulty or problems
  v. to live through an event, situation or condition
  n. a narrow way for walking; a way along which something moves
  v. to offer or propose something to think about or consider
  n. an examination in a court of a question or dispute to decide if a charge is true
  ad. not extreme
  n. a thought or picture in the mind; a belief
  ad. close together; thick
  n. a period of time equal to twelve months
  n. an adult female human
  n. the material of which something is made (a solid, liquid or gas)
  v. to give reasons for; to make clear
  ad. the most good
  v. to take quickly by force; to take control of quickly
  n. a thing to sit on; a place to sit or the right to sit there
  ad. of or about more than one nation or many nations; of the whole world
  v. to cheat; to fool a person so as to get something or make him or her do something
  v. to go from one place to another, usually for a long distance
  ad. fast
  n. the early part of the day, from sunrise until noon
  n. a food grain
  ad. only; very shortly before or after the present
  v. to express happiness or pleasure when someone arrives or something develops
  n. a grain used to make bread; the plant that produces the grain
  n. a strong chance of suffering injury, damage or loss
  n. a valued white metal
  v. to take part in; to become a part of
  v. to study or examine all information about an event, situation or charge; to search for the truth
  ad. having a large distance between two opposite surfaces; having many parts close together
  v. to do something
  v. to force a gas or liquid up, into or through
  ad. on every side (of)
  n. the ability to control or direct others; control
  v. to write one's name
  n. a large collection of money, jewels or other things of great value
  n. a city where ships load or unload goods; a place on a coast where ships can be safe from a storm
  ad. not guilty of a crime; not responsible for a bad action
  n. an economic system in which the production of most goods and services is owned and operated for profit by private citizens or companies
  v. to give support; to assist
  n. an amount that is more than is needed; extra
  v. to get or accept something given, offered or sent
  ad. each one; all
  v. to cause to lose in a battle or struggle
  ad. about or having to do with one place
  n. the settlement of an argument where each side agrees to accept less than first demanded
  n. the money a person or business must pay to the government so the government can provide services