Vocabulary Test

Main Features

Big Vocabulary
Vocaboly contains five books: VOA Special English, TOEFL, GMAT, SAT and GRE. With more than 12,000 words, each word contains meaning, phonetic symbol and pronunciation with decent American accent. You can select a book according to your purpose or English level.

Word Cards
Every book contains eight flash cards, after you put some words into a card, you can select it to study.

Word Difficulty Level

Each word can be assigned to a difficulty level from 0 to 5, the default difficulty level is 0. You can filter the word list by difficulty levels. Combined with word cards, you can easily pick up the words that you wan to concentrate on.

Multi-User support

Each user has his/her own study record which is saved automatically when you quit the program.

Multi-Level Study Methods
Study Word Ticker Display words automatically. View Screenshot
Recall Recall the definition of a word.
Spelling Spell a word by its definition.
Test Listening Spell a word by listening to its pronunciation.
Multi-Choice Select correct definition or word from four choices. The test is generated dynamically, so each test is unique. View Screenshot
Game Memory Match words and their definitions. View Screenshot
Star War A shoot game. View Screenshot


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